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In todays fast-paced world, it is becoming nearly impossible to survive without having your finger on the pulse, so you don’t miss a minute! Whether you can’t live without the 6 o’clock news or simply must have all the latest technology, you can trust that ElectraServe knows what you need and how to get it.

Our TV, AV & Networking experts are well versed in all your communication needs. From simple satellite/aerial reception issues and surround sound set ups all the way through to the latest total home entertainment systems.

If you are after something a bit more advanced, ElectraServe are the area’s leading installers of complete home entertainment systems. You could turn on your TV and start a movie with a touch of a button, power up some video games or set your favourite music to filter through your speakers and wake you each morning.

With limitless options, let ElectraServe help you create the home entertainment system of your dreams.

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TV Installation

ElectraServe can help you through the entire process of setting up your home entertainment, beginning with wall-mounting your television, tuning in your satellite and aerial and setting up your surround sound.

We can supply and install additional equipment that allows you to watch your favourite show in your bedroom while the kids record a movie in the lounge or change the channel from the other side of the house.

Talk to us about setting up a home theatre or installing your equipment out of site in a cupboard.


You can save money by calling us to pre-wire AV cabling during your new build or renovation.

Electrical plans drawn by your architect or electrician often include minimal cabling for AV and will cost you more in the long term if adequate cabling is not installed.

We are happy to work with electricians if required to give you the best, most cost effective result.

Home Audio Systems

Control music throughout your entire home with a simple app that the whole family can use.

Whether you want the same music in every room for an event or each family member having their own room control on a rainy day, we can make it happen!

Aerial and Satellite Installation

Satellite dishes, UHF Freeview, FM radio and wireless network connections we have the equipment and experience to install and tune in aerial systems for you.

Commercial Systems

We specialise in installing whole data networks, TV and audio systems across large venues such as rest homes and restaurants. Small or large, new or retrofit.


Homes are getting bigger and using the provided internet router often is simply not enough to give a strong wireless coverage.

Our certified technicians can install custom wireless solutions that give you great signal throughout your whole home or business, even in your outdoor areas.

Call the experts to find the best solution for you!

Custom AV

Audio systems should be heard not seen! TV’s, projectors and screens can be hidden away into furniture or into the ceiling with lifts or disguised as artwork when not in use.

High quality music can be delivered through speakers that blend into or be invisible within your home and landscape.

Contact us to discuss your ideas!

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