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Imagine being able to run your entire house by literally lifting only a finger. With Control4 Home Automation systems, you can! Home automation and smart technology has revolutionized the way we live by allowing you to sync all of your homes electrical features and manage them with simply the touch of a button on your smart phone or tablet. As the areas leading home automation experts, ElectraServe have a solution for everyone.

From lighting and window shades to security and alarm systems, ElectraServe can provide technology that allows you to customise scenes and settings to coincide with time of day, season, mood, and even your lifestyle! Set your outside lights to automatically come on at sunset and go off again a sunrise. Program your heat pump to switch on to your desired temperature before you return home from work, ensuring a comfortable arrival. Ready for bed? Hit your ‘Goodnight’ button and have your shades lower, the lights dim, your doors lock and initiate the security system.

Along with convenience comes peace of mind. Home Automation is like having a personal security guard looking after your home 24/7. You can assign access codes for specific people and receive alerts directly to your phone, knowing exactly who has entered your home and when. Expecting a serviceman while you are at work? Unlock the door from your phone providing access without having to leave your desk. It will also alert you if your garage door has been left open, or even if there has been a water leak! Going away on holiday? Be able to fully enjoy yourself and never have to worry; set your home to vacation mode and the system will turn various lights on and off throughout the house, giving it the appearance that someone is home.

ElectraServe can also design systems that are completely personalised to your lifestyle and what is important to you. Worried about an elderly relative who lives alone? Set up pressure pads throughout their home and receive alerts if they get up in the middle of the night. Concerned about power cuts and losing valuable food? Fit your freezers with thermometers that will alert you if the temperature dips below a certain degree. These are just a few examples of how ElectraServe can find a solution for anything to make your life easier.

Home automation isn’t just for safety and convenience – you can have fun with it too! Create personalised mood scenes to control everything from your lighting to your entertainment system to even your spa pool or BBQ, movie night, game day, date night, dinner party – set an ambiance with just the press of a button!

With a home automation system installed by ElectraServe, the options are endless. Whether you want to control specific rooms or your entire house, we have access to the most advanced technology and will work with you to create the home of your dreams. Contact us today for a free quote or consultation.

One remote

Do you have 5 remotes on the coffee table but only 3 sets of batteries or forget which remote controls what?

We can replace your problem with one simple remote that controls all your devices and gives you shortcuts to your favourite programs and channels.

Simplify your living

Do you find yourself walking around the house every evening checking the lights are off? The garage door is shut? the heating is turned down?

Automation is all about simplicity! One touch of a button to shut your home or office down for the evening. One touch when you return home. One touch to activate Apple TV, dim the lights and close the blinds. One touch to start your meeting room.

Wall Acne
Too many amazing houses are tainted with wall acne – switches, heating controllers, audio and blind remotes crowding each room.

With automation only one keypad is needed to control all of these services!

Talk to your courier driver at the door and give the tradesmen access to certain rooms all while you are at work.

Automation gives you peace of mind where ever you are by enabling you to check on your home or business. We can give you remote access to cameras, alarm systems, locks and windows.

Energy Savings
Automation takes control of you home energy usage by controlling loads such as heating, lighting, towel rail, ventilation and water. When on holiday your home can be shut down to a minimal mode that reduces consumption. How about taking advantage of the solar energy and storing it during peak production for use throughout the evening.

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With automation, your dreams can become a reality and almost any idea you have, we can get it working for you.

Book in a no obligation appointment to view our automation showroom and discuss your thoughts and ideas or find out more about automation and how it can work for your home or business!

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